Andreina Duven is a lifestyle and editorial photographer currently working in the South Florida area. She was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States in 1999 after graduating from Architecture School to pursue a career in Design. She worked in several important projects that are now part of the skyline in the city of Miami. Photography was always her passion and she made a risky move in her life and career that she never regrets.

 She has been published several times in magazines such as Caras, HOLA, Caramia, Venue and other US monthly publications. Her style is sophisticated yet very organic and natural looking. She loves to let her clients relax and enjoy the experience and work around that free-flowing energy.

“ I like to get the best from my clients and for that, I need to let them be themselves and very softly direct them to create a desired mood. I approach every shoot like this, it doesn't matter it I have a celebrity, a family, a real estate guru or a teenage girl in front of my lens; I make sure they enjoy the session and get the very best out of my work ”.

Her style has been very defined by her previous 15 year-career in Architecture; her works are very well composed and clean. She takes advantage of the geometry of the space, the lines and perspective of the city or present place and mixes it with the beauty and emotions of her subjects, who are always front and center in her images.

Her biggest sources of inspiration are music, cinema and fine art. 

She really enjoys learning from other amazing artists and teaching her craft to individual clients.


The list of clients in the Latin Celebrity world that she has photograph for personal and editorial work, includes:


Carlos Vives

Mario Lopez

Jesse and Joy

Patricia Janiot

Jorge Perez

Alejandra Espinoza

Paolo Ragone

Jeimy Osorio

Lilia Luciano

Adriana Castro

Nicolas Felizola

Patricia Manterola

Sebastian Villalobos

Gaby Espino

Gabriel Coronel

Lincoln Palomeque

Federico Diaz

Nicolas Colate Vallejo-Nagera.